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  • Se puede / Se hace

    Testimonials on abortion

We are proud of our Organization.



Building equitable relationships between men and women in everyday life.


Women’s Support

Women’s access to safe abortion and social support for the elimination of stigma around it.



Advancing the Human Rights of Women and secure them.



Search the advancement of Human Rights of Women is Transversal Action Las Libres.

Acceso a la Justicia

Access to Justice

Building the Access to Justice for women means that they know their rights, know exercise can demand them.

Testimonios / Zeugen / Testimonials / Témoignages

  • "Learning from women every day, fighting with them ... making us more free."

    Rosalia Cruz, Coordinator Las Libres

  • "I decided to be part of The Free because with my companions, defend the fact that every woman, no distinction can be free too."

    Margarita Mora, Psychologist

  • "To be free means to live and help the others to be too.'s Not easy but when it does, you realize that it's worth."

    Karina González, Twitter Oficial

  • "I'm proud feminist and defender of Human Rights of Women, my passion in life is to work in Las Libres."

    Verónica Cruz, Director