Las Libres’ quest for progress in women’s rights is a multi-tiered campaign, involving the building of awareness to ensure that all households, families, communities and private and public institutions recognize that women, like men, are human beings—complete individuals who have rights. And a change in attitude and the creation of a new culture based on gender equality fundamentally depends on the recognition among men that men and women are equal and that neither is inferior or superior to the other.

To build a level playing field, men need to assume their reproductive responsibilities, the shared duties in the raising and caring for their children and their part in contributing to domestic chores, in addition to assisting in the even distribution of political power.

Violence against women will begin to dissolve the day we start to recognize that women are not responsible for the violence imposed on them. The problem lies in the belief that men are superior to women, and that women have to fulfill their “female” duties, no questions asked, which often include the domestic work—deemed the unique responsibility of women—and forced maternity.