What do we do?

Areas of Action:

1. We conduct educational workshops for women and children within the region’s urban, rural and indigenous communities to build awareness of women’s rights. We teach them how take ownership of and exercise these rights in and outside the home and within the community.

2. We build environments in which women can exercise their rights, creating safe, friendly and mutually supportive settings, from casual conversations to social mobilization, in which women can gain a sense of solidarity in the fight to move women’s human rights forward.

3. We work toward influencing public opinion and changing attitudes within the general population to support women’s rights. We build awareness about the social prejudices that silence the voices of women.

4. We conduct public campaigning, government and media monitoring, legislative lobbying and research on abortion and femicide to substantiate the enforceability and the justiciability of women’s human rights.

5. We carry out research, compile documentation, take legal action and defend cases in which women are criminalized for abortion and other associated crimes, all in a bid to decriminalize abortion in Mexico.

6. We provide access to safe medical abortion through our women’s support networks, as a way of decriminalizing abortion within society and eliminating the social stigma surrounding abortion.

7. We offer full support to women who fall victim to gender-based violence, with a particular focus on addressing the emotional and psychological trauma, and we afford legal advice to enable women’s access to justice.

Main Topics:

  • Women’s Human Rights, and specifically Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Women’s Right to a Life without Violence.
  • Access to Justice
  • Gender Perspective
  • Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy and Multiple Pregnancies in Adolescence
  • Abortion
  • Femicide
  • Sexual Violence
  • Violence Against Women